Terms & Conditions

Continental Retail Promotion – March 2019

$50 / $50 Offer March 2019



Objective: To increase customer traffic for selected Continental retailers with an incentive to both the retailer and end consumer.
Promotion Period:
1st March 2019 – 31st March 2019
The Voucher: A $50 Hoyts voucher.

The voucher is claimed through a post purchase redemption process on www.continentalpromotions.com.au

The voucher consists of an e-voucher through www.prezzee.com.au that can only be sent to the consumer using a valid email address.

Eligibility: Consumers who purchase 4 x eligible Continental branded tyres from participating retail outlets.
Eligible Tyres: Retailer: A $50 credit note will be issued based on each consumer who purchases 4 x 17” (or larger) Continental branded passenger, 4X4 or SUV tyres, and redeems their voucher.

Consumer: A $50 Hoyts movie voucher will be provided post purchase when a consumer purchases 4 x 17” (or larger) Continental branded passenger, 4X4 or SUV tyres.

All 4 tyres purchased must be for fitment to a single vehicle at the same time.

Mixed fitment sizes on a single invoice are eligible.

* Light Truck Commercial tyres are excluded.

** Fleet and Taxi company sales are excluded from the promotion.

Consumer Purchase Period: 1st March – 31st March 2019. Any purchase that falls outside this period will not be accepted.
Redemption Period: Retailers: Continental will use consumer data to tally the number of eligible consumer redemptions. Continental will validate all eligible consumer purchases between 1st April – 30th April 2019. And will provide credit notes to stores between 1st May and 31st May, 2019.

Consumers: will have until the close of business on the 30th April 2019 to register their eligible purchase.

Consumer redemption process:
  1. Purchase 4 eligible tyres from a participating retailer. A list of participating retailers is available on continentalpromotions.com.au
  2. Ensure you receive a clear tax invoice from the retailer as this will be needed to be uploaded in order to claim your voucher.
  3. The redemption process will be through continentalpromotions.com.au from 1st March – 31st April 2019. And redemptions received after 31st April will not be considered eligible.
  4. Once the entry has been submitted to Continental Tyres you will receive a confirmation email. The email address will not be used by Continental Tyre or Prezzee for any other purpose other than the promotion, unless otherwise required through the entry process.
  5. The voucher will be sent via email, in the form of an e-voucher from prezzee.com.au
  6. Gift cards are excluded from the promotion and Continental will not enter into any correspondence with a consumer who will prefer a physical gift card to be mailed vs. an e-voucher.
How to validate the e-voucher from Prezzee:
  1. Open email from Prezzee
  2. Click ‘Open Gift’ button (white)
  3. Claim the $50 Hoyts e-Gift Card
  4. Choose to store / print / download e-Gift Card
How to redeem via Hoyts:
  1. Present e-Gift Card at the time of ticket / candy bar purchase at Hoyts to redeem
  2. E-Gift Card valid for 3 years

*Terms and Conditions – Consumer

  1. Promotion commences at the start of business on 1st March 2019 and finishes at the close of business hours on 31st March 2019.
  2. For the month of March 2019 purchase 4 eligible tyres from a participating outlet and receive the $50 Hoyts voucher as a post purchase redemption.
  3. Purchases are only eligible on Continental branded passenger, 4×4 and SUV tyres, 17” and above.
  4. Light truck tyres, fleet and trade purchases are excluded from this promotion.
  5. Consumers must register for their voucher via the website continentalpromotions.com.au, and complete the online registration form. When a registration is complete, the consumer will receive an email notification.
  6. Consumers must have a valid email address in which the $50 Hoyts voucher will be provided electronically.
  7. Consumers must upload a copy of their qualifying invoice during the online registration process in order to be eligible to receive the $50 Hoyts voucher. The date on the qualifying invoice needs to fall within the promotional period.
  8. The consumer will receive their $50 Hoyts voucher within 14 business days of successfully completing the online registration form.
  9. The consumer has until 30th April 2019 to submit their online registration. Continental Tyres of Australia has the right to refuse any entries that fall outside this date.
  10. There is a strict limit of one (1) entry per qualifying transaction / invoice, regardless of the number of eligible tyres purchased if the transaction exceeds four (4) tyres.
  11. A list of participating dealers will be available on the website continentalpromotions.com.au.
  12. This promotion is managed and executed by Continental Tyres of Australia. Prezzee is a third party facilitating service. Hoyts is in no way associated with this promotion.


*Terms and Conditions – Retailer

  1. 1) Promotion commences at the start of business for the respective dealers on 1st March 2019 and finishes at the close of business hours at the respective participating dealers on 31st March 2019. The date on the consumer qualifying invoice needs to fall within this period.
  2. A list of participating dealers will be put on the website www.continentalpromotions.com.au. Only dealers who are part of this list will be eligible to receive credits. Stores are to have completed the online registration process to be involved in the campaign (Tyrepower (TP), Non Marlin BestDrive (BD2), Continental Image Stores (CTS), Gold and Independent retailers (ING)).
  3. Consumers are to redeem their $50 Hoyts voucher through www.continentalpromotions.com.au and complete the online registration form.
  4. Continental will provide A5 tear off pads to each retailer containing the relevant promotional information. Retailers should know and understand the process in order for their customers in completing the registration.
  5. Continental will only honour credits to retailers on consumer claims that match tyre size, load index and pattern purchased from Continental Tyres of Australia in the last 12 months. Continental reserves the right to reject any and all $50 credits to the retailer if no tyre size and article number can be found sold to the retailer account number, based on the invoice claim from the consumer.
  6. Participating dealers must display the advertising material in their stores as provided to them by Continental. If a national retailer produces their own advertising material, the Continental brand usage requires marketing approval before it displayed in store or on any electronic medium.
  7. Payouts to be finalised by the 31st May 2019. Correspondence after this date will not be entered into.