Terms & Conditions

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Continental Retail Promotion – October / November 2018

$100 Cash Back


Objective: To increase customer traffic for selected Continental retailers with a cash back incentive.
Promotion Period:
1st October – 30th November 2018
Eligibility: Consumers who purchase 4 x eligible Continental branded tyres from participating retail outlets.
Eligible Tyres: $100 cash back will be applied when a customer purchases 4 x 17” (or larger) Continental branded passenger, 4X4 or SUV tyres that have been purchased from Continental Tyres of Australia.

All 4 tyres purchased must be for fitment to a single vehicle at the same time.

Mixed fitment sizes on a single invoice are eligible.

* LTC and Temp spare tyres are excluded from the promotion.

** No cash back will be applied to tyres below 17”

Consumer Purchase Period: 1st October – 30th November 2018. Any purchase that falls outside this period will not be accepted.
Redemption Period: Retailers will have until the close of business on the 31st December 2018 to apply for their credits.
Methodology Cash Back: Customer purchases 4 x eligible tyres from a participating Continental retailer.

At the time of purchase, all retailers will apply the $100 discount to the total invoice of the customer purchase.

* This applies to all retailers. If a retailer cannot provide this service they will forfeit their involvement in the promotion.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. Promotion commences at the start of business for the respective dealers on 1st October 2018 and finishes at the close of business hours at the respective participating dealers on 30th November 2018. The date on the qualifying invoice needs to fall within this period.
  2. For the months of October and November 2018 purchase 4 qualifying tyres from a participating outlet and receive the $100 cash back on your purchase.
  3. Purchases are only eligible on Continental branded passenger, 4×4 and SUV tyres, 17” and above.
  4. Light truck tyre, fleet and trade purchases are excluded from this promotion.
  5. The consumer will receive their cash back off their invoice at the time of purchase, therefore the onus will be on the retailer to ensure that the cash back was provided to the consumer according to the terms of the promotion.
  6. The cash back is only applicable to tyres purchased from Continental Tyres of Australia by the retailer.
  7. All dealer redemptions need to be made no later than 31st December 2018 to receive credits.
  8. Bob Jane, Jax and BestDrive/Continental stores on Marlin to provide excel files for payment.
  9. Dealers not on a central system (Tyrepower or Independent Retailers) will need to redeem their cash backs in the excel file attached. Copies of invoice to be provided with the claims. All claims to be emailed to cashback@contityres.com.au for validation and processing. Both the excel spreadsheet and invoices are to be provided. The excel spreadsheet needs to be provided in excel format.
  10. All redemptions will be validated against Continental sales information to ensure tyres were purchased from Continental Tyres of Australia starting from the month of October 2017. If a purchase cannot be validated in the period from Continental Tyres of Australia, Continental reserves the right to refuse the claim.
  11. Participating dealers must display the advertising material in their stores as provided to them by Continental. If a national produced their own advertising material, the Continental brand usage requires marketing approval before it displayed in store or on any electronic medium.

Additional Notes

  1. A list of participating dealers will be put on the website continentalpromotions.com.au. Only dealers who are part of this list will be eligible to receive claims. Sales to provide the list of participating customers.
  2. All claims will be validated against Continental purchases. Tyres purchased between October 2017 and November 2018 of the same size, load index, speed index and marketing line will be considered as eligible purchases. If a tyre size or article number is found on the claim that was not purchased by Continental, the claim will not be validated.
  3. The closing date for claims will be the 31st December 2018. Continental Marketing will validate all the claims that are provided on time and once validated will authorise a credit note to the passed against the retailers purchasing account. All claims with the corresponding PDF invoices can be emailed to cashback@contityres.com.au. The customer number must appear in the subject line (e.g. Cash back claims – 8702000) to facilitate quicker processing and validation of claims.
  4. There is a size limitation of 10MB on emails sent to Continental, therefore retailers will need to ensure emails sent meet this size limitation. Continental will not be held responsible for emails that are not delivered in time for the closing of the claims period.
  5. Payouts to be finalised by the 31st January 2019. Correspondence after this date will not be entered into. It is recommended that the Sales Team encourage dealers to send their information in as soon as possible after the end of the promotion. Any issues on claims will be raised at RSM level who will in turn discuss with the respective Sales Managers to facilitate speedy resolutions.